The Sugar Shack Tracy Young Mix

The Sugar Shack (Tracy Young Mix)

Release Date : May 26, 2017

Tracy Young Mix

The Story

Beth Hart and James House

This song wins the award for the most dramatic change from the original demo. The demo was originally sung by Beth and had a cool wall rhythm of metered percussion. It reminded me of a chain gang. I thought we would record it like that.

Bobby had already arranged the authentic disco entirely in his head with orchestral strings. Thanks to the musicians providing real strings throughout!

My management team heard the disco track and went further with the dance theme by making not one, but two dance versions from it. One modern day dance track from the original Braddock version produced by Andy Sheldon and Steve Swenson and one club dance track house mix with talented DJ Tracy Young.

It’s a fun song full of feminine confidence saying “Hey, come back – you don’t know what you’re missing” πŸ™‚

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